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Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze Castings
Wood, Metal, and Epoxy Patterns

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We are a full service nonferrous foundry with over 40 years experience specializing in high quality aluminum, brass and bronze castings.

Pattern Shop

Our Pattern Shop has complete facilities to produce new wood, metal and epoxy patterns and to handle alteration and maintenance of any of your existing patterns. All patterns in our possession are stored in a separate steel fire resistant building.

Molding Department

Our Molding Department consists of a wide variety of machines covering a wide range of flask sizes to meet your casting requirements. Our capabilities for casting sizes range from a few ounces to a few hundred pounds.

Melting Department

Our Melting Department for our aluminum production includes 5 natural gas fired furnaces, each with a capacity of 700# of molten metal. These furnaces are highly efficient and are recuperative in that they recycle part of the waste energy from the exhaust. This reduces CO2 emissions as well as Nitrous Oxide and carbon monoxide, which are important health and environmental issues.

We will consider special order for alloys that we may not currently pour on a regular basis, depending on the quantity of castings involved and the frequency of orders. However, to keep our employees healthy, we choose not to pour any leaded brass alloys

Our skilled personnel are at your service to consult with you in person, either on existing work or on new parts under development. Inside this website are some of the communications we have received from various customers, which we believe show our willingness and ability to work in partnership with our customers in order to provide high quality, economical castings to their specifications.

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your casting requirements with you.

Core Department

Our Core Department is well equipped to handle almost any type of core box, including shell cores. We also have skilled personnel to handle intricately designed core assemblies.

Heat Treat Facilities

Our Heat Treat Facilities include electric, precisely controlled furnaces which are available for complete heat treat procedures required for your aluminum casings.