About Us

We are a full service foundry with over 40 years experience specializing in high quality aluminum, brass and bronze castings. Whether you are designing a new product, looking for small quantities, or simply looking for higher quality at a competitive price, Ajax X-Ray, Inc. is the foundry for you.

If you are considering a new product design, our skilled personnel will be at your disposal to consult and give advice on how to produce pattern equipment specifically for use in a foundry operation that will provide the best possible high quality sand casting.

Our specialties include intricately designed castings requiring meticulous core preparation, including multiple assembly procedures. We also specialize in the production of impeller castings used in air and fluid moving equipment, machine housings and handles for air tools, and piston castings, just to name a few.

Our molding department consists of a wide variety of machines to meet your casting requirements. We are able to handle almost any type of core box required for your castings, including shell cores. Castings supplied to our existing customers vary from a few ounces to a few hundred pounds. In addition, we have complete heat treat facilities with electric, precisely controlled and regularly calibrated furnaces.

Our lead times are short and in some cases we have been able to deliver castings in less than 1 week. We always bend over backwards to do what ever it takes to provide our customers with the highest quality castings at competitive prices and on a timely basis – whether it’s a quantity of one piece or hundreds.

We look forward to having an opportunity to discuss your casting requirements with you.