"Congratulations! Ajax X-Ray has earned the status of “Preferred Supplier” with Ingersoll-Rand Company, Athens, PA."

"In order to qualify as a “Preferred Supplier”, your company has achieved and must continue to maintain a minimum of 98% acceptance rate, and has earned an acceptable rating on our on-site quality audit. Your acceptance rate is currently 99%, and you have obtained an acceptable rating in the quality audit. This certainly speaks very well of your organization, and proves to us that quality is uppermost in your daily activities."

"IR Athens will be receiving your parts and sending them directly to stock or point of use. This will enable us to by pass inspection, reduce que time, and eliminate unnecessary handling. Your parts will, however, be subject to random periodical audits for dimensional and metallurgical characteristics. Your performance has been a major factor in enabling Ingersoll-Rand Athens to respond quickly to customer demands with a high level of confidence that the parts in our product are of the highest quality. High quality products from IR Athens will result in increased orders and repeated sales, and as a result, continued growth for both our companies. As a result, IR Athens is committed to our “Preferred Suppliers”."

"Congratulations again on your achievement of “Preferred Supplier”. We are looking forward to a continued long term partnership and growth in our respective businesses."
Ingersoll-Rand Athens

"Ajax is now my only source for this casting due to superior quality."
Hoffman/New Yorker, Inc.


"I am pleased to inform you, to thank you and congratulate Ajax X-Ray, Inc. for having done an outstanding job supporting our aluminum casting requirements for the Vaneaxial Fan Product line in the years 2006 and 2007. Your prompt and on time performance with excellent technical and manufacturing support is duly appreciated. Your efforts have made it possible for Hansome to meet our customer's needs in shipping 2-1/2 ship-sets of fans this year." Hansome Energy Sysems, Inc.