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                Food Grade Rosin Resin

                West Tech Food grade Rosin Resin is a slightly yellow transparent in appearance. It is produced using a special process and hence has a low odor, and acid number. These products are esterified with vegetable grade glycerol with either gum rosin, polymerized rosin, or hydrogenated rosin.



                Broad compatibility and solubility, Low acid number, Low odor and tasteMedium softening point, Thermoplastic resin.




                Used as a resin modifier for film formers,elastomers,and waxes, and in various adhesives,inks,and protective coating compositions where minimum odor is a requirement.


                1. In Bag: granular or flake, kraft paper bag, 25kgs net each bag.

                2. In paper drum: 65kgs net each drum.